SOVLED! Will an RTX 3070 fit in a mid-tower case?

While getting new components for your computer, one must make sure whether every one of them is compatible with each other. The congruity between different devices of a computer system is essential for hassle-free functioning. Moreover, if you are a gaming enthusiast, you must pay special attention to the PC parts that suit your system with ease to contribute to a class-apart gaming experience.

For the record, a similar situation arises if you are looking to pick a graphics card for yourself. It is imperative for you to check the requirements of the graphics card before you go ahead to make a purchase. With that said, the size of the graphics card is one important factor that can influence your decision. Today, we are going to discuss the possibility of the RTX 3070 fitting in a mid-tower case. A lot of you wanted to know this, and here you go! Keep scrolling to know more….

You will have no issues installing any RTX 3070 inside a mid-tower case. The maximum length of RTX 3070 is 335mm (MSI Supreme X). This 3070 can easily get fit inside any mid-tower PC case. All other 3070s will have an even smaller size than this. So, whatever RTX 3070 you are buying, there will be no issue installing it inside a mid-tower case.

Understanding the potential of the RTX 3070

To kick things off, let’s dive into the performance potential of the GeForce RTX 3070. This graphics card giant is certainly one of the most unbeatable ones in the market. It’s an absolute no-brainer that the RTX 3070 lies at the top of every hardcore gamer’s bucket list. 

Without a doubt, the RTX 3070 will suit your needs if you are involved in 4K and 1440p gaming. Moreover, you can efficiently play games at 4K without experiencing any jitters or lags. The graphics card gets its power from Ampere, Nvidia’s RTX architecture. Also, it is compatible with HDMI 2.1 and PCIe 4.0. 

Owing to that, a few other amazing features that come with the RTX 3070 graphics card are ray tracing, efficient drivers for gaming, and many other creative solutions that also aid in support for live streaming. The responsiveness and control are just through the roof, to say the least!

You can play the best and newest games at 4K quality with absolutely no compromise in anything. You can bet that it won’t annoy you with any sort of lags or other similar issues. 

Gaming experience with RTX 3070

Right off the bat, if you are a professional Esports gamer or just a hardcore gaming enthusiast, we recommend the  RTX 3070 to you. It is one such component that is worth buying especially owing to the gaming experience it presents to the gamer. This premium graphics card has set significant standards in the world of dynamic gameplay.

As we mentioned previously, the RTX 3070  is ideal for both 4K and 1440p gaming modes. Added to that, it is especially one of the leading competitors for 1440p  gaming. It can successfully allow you to exploit its in-built features to the fullest. All of it ultimately accounts for an unbeatable experience for every gamer out there.

What is a mid-tower case?

In case you wanted to know, there are options like the full tower, mid-tower, mini-tower, and HTPC or SFF case types available in the market. These differ from one another in terms of the dimensions, motherboards that they are compatible with, and their used cases. The most significant difference is the price tags they come with! 

Among all, you may consider the size of a mid-tower case to be the standard fit. It is usually 35 to 55 cm in height. The width is about 15 to 25 cm. The motherboard format is the ATX type. Mid-tower cases are compatible with motherboards such as Micro ATX, Mini-ITX, E-ATX, M-AXT, and AXT.

However, one drawback is that mid-tower cases are not considered the best when it comes to water cooling. Despite that, they are the perfect build to pick as the best bank for your buck! Now if you’re confused about which mid-tower would be the best for your RTX 3070, we have got you covered! Keep scrolling…

Our picks for the best mid-tower cases for your RTX 3070

If you are still thinking about which mid-tower case to get home, we are at your rescue. Below are our best picks for mid-tower cases that can fit in your graphics card. Check them out!

1. Corsair Carbide 275R

This pocket-friendly case boasts efficient performance and great water cooling solutions. It has tempered glass on the sides. The simple yet understated all-black look stands apart from its competitors. It is large enough to conveniently accommodate the RTX 3070 card.

2. Fractal Design Meshify C

This is a reasonably-priced case with a tough build. It is lightweight and suits the ATX format. It is known for the best airflow than most of its competitors. The compact size is easy to handle and can suffice for the RTX 3070.

3. Lian Li Lancool 2 Mesh

Equipped with three fans for cooling, this has great thermal performance. It is built in style with a sophisticated interior design. 

4. NZXT H510

This is yet another attractive case that has a robust build and a huge space for the power source. It can effectively fit the RTX 3070. The only drawback is the huge price tag it comes with! However, its sleek and stylish design is completely worth the price.

Wrapping up

Since the RTX 3070  is not as huge as several other cards, it can easily fit into a mid-tower case without any struggle. We have put forward some of our recommendations for the best mid-tower cases you can consider for your RTX 3070. Pick any one according to your budget and get the ball rolling!