SOVLED! Should I use a UPS with my PC or Laptop?

As you might be aware, UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply. This electronic device has a lot of applications in different fields. You will generally see it with computers but there are numerous other niches where this thing is utilized widely. Some of the fields are medical, Telecommunication, data storage, industrial processing, servers, etc.

But, we are going to just focus on the application of UPS with our computers in this article.

So, a UPS is definitely a very good method to keep our computers safe and working in case of sudden electricity cuts. There is a misconception that the computers which work directly on the electric outlets can get damaged when the power goes off. But, there is nothing like that. The power supply on your system is also responsible for properly managing that cut and shut down your system in a proper manner.

But, a UPS will help you get some extra time to work on your tasks. Also, you have time to save your files while UPS is handling all the power input for your computer. So, definitely, there are some benefits of UPS but not for everybody. So, let’s talk some more about this concept in this article.

Benefits of having a UPS with your PC or laptop

Let’s see some of the main advantages of using a UPS with your laptop or desktop computer.

  1. First of all, your system will not get shut down immediately when the power goes off.
  2. You will have some extra time to work on your tasks after the electricity is gone. This time will vary depending on the type and capacity of your UPS.
  3. If you think your system components can get damaged by a sudden power cut, a UPS can save your life.
  4. You can use a UPS not only for your computer/laptop but also for all other devices that work on AC supply. It is a good way to charge your smartphone in case of emergency. Again, keep in mind the capacity of your UPS.
  5. You just install your UPS and there is little to no maintenance required. It works as an active circuit which means it will keep charging while giving the input power to your devices
  6. These days, very high capacity UPS are available in the market. So, you can power other things except your computer.

Drawbacks of a UPS

The application of UPS is just to help us. So, there is no serious drawback of having one under your desk. However, this is going to put some extra load on your budget. A good quality and high-capacity UPS can cost you near around 300 to 500$.

Another drawback could be that you will have to manage more wires and assign a space for your UPS. UPS can be huge. So, if you are very curious about space management, add this big device to your list before going further.

There are no other drawbacks to having a UPS in your home. It is a versatile device that you can use to power up any device as long as it has a battery left inside it. Again, choosing a good UPS as per your requirement is important if you want to get the most out of it.

Who need a UPS with their computers?

The people working on very important projects should definitely use UPS. If you think that you can’t tolerate any data loss just because of a power cut, just go for a UPS today. Some of the potential users of UPS are as follows.

  1. Professional gamers/streamers
  2. Data Scientists
  3. Scientists
  4. Business Owners and workers
  5. Video Editors, graphic designers, photo editors, and other content creators
  6. Programmers/Coders/Designers

Definitely, there are various other people and designations where a UPS can be pretty helpful. Our software are now well-designed to save data in real-time but sometimes, this process can be delayed. So, if you haven’t saved your data and your computer is shut off, you will definitely lose it.

Who don’t need a UPS with their computers?

The people who use their computers for time-pass, media-consumption, casual-browsing, social-media, may not need a UPS with their computers/laptops. For example, if you have a computer where you generally play games to spend some extra time. You don’t need a UPS here. However, if you can buy it, it’s definitely a good thing.

So, again, this comes to your budgets and the type of work you are doing. If you think that you will not face any loss because of a sudden power cut, there is no need to go for a UPS.

Does UPS save our computers in case of sudden power cuts?

Well, the computers don’t get damaged when a sudden power cut is there. The main power supply will get cut but there is the main PSU on your system which will handle this power cut and properly handle the situation. Also, the technology has improved so much and all the components on your system or the motherboard will be able to handle this sudden power cut without any issues.

So, even if you are using a UPS or not, the PC components will not get damaged because of a sudden power cut. However, a sudden power boost can damage the power supply. But, a UPS can save your components from that as well.

Is UPS good with laptops?

There is no need to use a UPS with a laptop as long as its battery is working fine. However, having a UPS will give you a lot of extra time to use your laptop and even charge its battery once the electricity is gone.

So, it depends on you and your work whether you want to use it or not. If you live in an area where long power cuts are normal, you should definitely think about having a UPS even if you are using a laptop. Normally, people won’t buy UPS when they are using laptops for their work or study.

Conclusion: Is UPS with a PC worth it or not?

Definitely, a UPS is really worthy product for any kind of computer user. It will allow you to keep doing your work for multiple hours after the power cuts. So, again, if you live in an area where power cuts are common, a UPS is a good thing for you.

Also, if you indulge in the works where you are working with important data, a UPS is again good for you. But, if you are a normal computer/laptop user who uses their system casually, you may not need a UPS.

Thanks for reading!