SOVLED! How To Update Realms In Minecraft in 3 Mins

To get the most out of Minecraft, it’s essential to keep the game up-to-date which means gamers should know how to update realms in Minecraft. By updating Minecraft realms from time to time, you and other players that play on your server could maintain access to all game content. In addition to that, updates for Minecraft realms usually offer bug fixes, feature refinement and so on. Read to the end if you want to learn the way to update realms in Minecraft.

Updating Realms In Minecraft: Breakdown

  • Step 1: Launch Minecraft.
  • Step 2: Navigate to “Installations” in the top menu, choose “New Installation” and select “Version Server.”
  • Step 3: Hit “Latest Release”.
  • Step 4: Pick  “Create” at the bottom right corner, navigate to the main menu and click “Play.”
  • Step 5: Allow the update to go all the way. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Exactly Is Minecraft Realms? 

Realms is a subscription server-based service hosted by Mojang that allows players to create and manage their own personal server.

How Do I Recover Health in Minecraft?

Recovering health in Minecraft is simple. By consuming certain items, you would be able to get your hearts back. From foods to potions, a lot of items let your max out the health bar.  Alternatively, you can set the game’s difficulty to “Peaceful” and let your health recover over time. 

Is “Peaceful” Difficulty Easy? 

For your information, “Peaceful” difficulty disables aggressive mobs, keeps the hunger bar full, enable automatic health recovery, … On the downside, if “Peaceful” is on, you may have a hard time collecting items from mobs. 

What Must Be Done To Gather Materials?

To collect materials from a block in Minecraft, approach the block, center the crosshair on it and hold down the left mouse key. That will make your character either swing tools or repeatedly punch if bare-handed. The target block is going to develop cracks and eventually disappear. At that point, you should be able to pick up the material 

The time it takes to break down blocks depends on the block’s durability and type of tool. For example, diamond takes longer to mine than sand. Also, pickaxes dig dirt slower than shovels. The material of the tool also affects the mining speed. Regardless, remember to leave space in your inventory to be able to pick up materials.

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