SOVLED! Which graphics card is equivalent to the PS4?

Right off the bat, It’s really tough to say which graphics card is equivalent to the ps4. For the record, it has the most unique GPU unit that can not be compared to any of the discrete GPUs in the market and it also can not be easily bought. With that said, the closest we can compare to is a custom Radeon 7850M. However, it is so much more modified than the real deal that it can be really hard to find out a stock graphics card that you can buy that comes at par with ps4. This means that normal NVIDIA and AMD cards we get in the market can not be compared with this depending on the gaming performance and requirement.

With all things aside, there are a couple of cards that can be close to the ps4. In case you’re wondering what are the two options, well you have bumped into the right place. I am about to discuss the slightest of ps4 details of ps4 and the equivalent graphics card. 

It was really difficult for me to find the best equivalent graphics card to ps4 as it uses two Jaguar-based quad-core processors, to say the least. It has the most modernized version of GPU and 8GB of GDDR5 RAM, which in reality is a great package in itself. 

So, without any ado, let’s have a look at the alternatives, shall we?

If you want to think in terms of power and rely on that solely, GTX 750 TI can be closely equivalent to ps4. These two can be said to have similarities in most cases. However, we need to understand on the basis of performance, that GTX 750 TI can be comparable with ps4. If you are using GTX 750 TI, in some cases the performance is magnificent. But in other cases or rather in games, it’s not at all on the same level as ps4. 

So, let’s break it down for you-

Graphics performance

In regards to the graphics performance and smooth experience, we can name a few graphics cards with better performance grades such as NVIDIA GTX 1050, which has a better reputation than ps4. The newest graphics card of NVIDIA GTX 1650 can also stand alone in the comparison with ps4 as it can also run games without locking. 

The difference is basically the lock period: in ps4 it’s 30 FPS whereas both in GTX 1050 and GTX 1650 it is 60 FPS. So, you may choose either of the ones. However, the price of graphics cards is going as high as the sky in recent times, therefore, the need to check your pocket would still be a major factor here.

Overall Performance comparison

In regards to the performance of both, the base of ps4 has a very higher speed that can match ~1.84 Teraflops of performance. With that said, the GTX 750 TI can reach up to ~1.4 Teraflops throughput. These two can be regarded as more or less similar and serve the same purpose. However, the difference can be seen in different games. 

Performance on the basis of real-world experience

Now in this part, we can say that GTX 750 TI is better than ps4 to some extent. Ps4 has a maximum resolution of 1080p, which is similar to GTX 750 TI. However, if the games have an FPS of more than 30, the video performance would start shuttering. But in GTX 750 TI, the minimum is 60 FPS, which not only helps smoothly run the video but also provides a great in-game experience.

What you need more in a high-end game, is just a smooth experience without being locked after every minute. So go for it if your PC is compatible with it.

Next on the list, we have the GTX 1650. Right off the bat, it can ease the gaming experience and make you fall in love with the visual performance. Also, it has a very capable cooling feature to prevent your system from overheating. On the other hand, PS4 has a performance-based specialty. With that said, it can’t help you sustain the card for a long. Now, here GTX 1650 comes into play, as its features are almost the same as ps4 but with a little better experience.

GTX 1650 has been carefully developed with the Turing architecture of NVIDIA which can be regarded as a breakthrough in the realm of graphics performances. It’s mostly compatible with almost all major games of the modern era, and is one of the most popular ones too. It can run AAA titles with ease and runs even faster than ps4.

Furthermore, it can execute the floating-point and integer operations without breaking a sweat, which is one of the major requirements in any game. Not only these, but it also has a modern architecture for the memory device with a cache that is twice the power of the previous ones. The power efficiency is also as high as 1.4x, which helps the game to be faster, with a more cool and quiet experience.

Now, what else could you probably ask for?

In a Nutshell!

PS4 has ruled the gaming world for a long time without any competition or no graphics card could come at par with this. However, in recent times, there are a few graphics cards such as GTX 750 TI and Radeon 7850 are somewhat giving the ps4s a run for their money. However, ps4 offers a different kind of vibe which the former two fails to produce. (if you’ve fooled around with a ps4 before, you know what I’m saying)

Having said that, the need to find out the best one for a better gaming experience is the most important. See which one of the two is better suited to your system configuration, and make a choice!

Lastly, If I say that either of the options is equivalent to ps4, then you know that I’m lying. In regards to the better gaming experience, GTX 1650 is one step higher than ps4. So don’t wait anymore and go for GTX 1650 if your budget suffice. All I can say, your gaming experience would be much more pleasant and seamless than ever before.