SOVLED! Minecraft Account Migrated Can’t Log In – Easy Fix

Following the migration from Mojang to Microsoft, Minecraft players have reported a couple of issues and Minecraft account migrated can’t log in is one of them. Account is the number one suspect in most of the cases so you should check out your account. Aside from that, you should give the migration process some thought, contact technical support, etc.

Regaining Access To Your Game Account: Suggestions

Check Out The Account

In the beginning, make sure you log in using your Microsoft account. If you have multiple Microsoft accounts, see if the account you use to log in is the one registered for migration.

  • Step 1: Open Minecraft Launcher, look for a back arrow and hit it to reveal a pre-login prompt.
  • Step 2: Proceed to hit the Microsoft Login.
  • Step 3: Enter your account details then sign in.

Think About The Migration Process

First, log into Microsoft using the account you use for the migration. If you could log in with relative ease, it’s possible that you have yet to wrap up the migration progress. In that case, go through the steps down below:

  • Step 1: Launch your web browser, visit Minecraft Homepage and log in using your Mojang account.
  • Step 2: Initiate account migration. If the menu still opens and you could advance the process, feel free to conclude that the migration process is indeed incomplete. Follow onscreen instructions to complete the migration.
  • Step 3: Open Minecraft Launcher, log in using your Microsoft account and witness the result.

Contact Technical Support

If none of the above work, consider contacting Mojang Support. Support staff will be able to help if your account migration has encountered problems. Also, don’t hesitate to get in touch with support staff if you have migrated the Mojang account to the wrong Microsoft account, forgot Mojang account credentials and so on. Be patient though as it may take a bit of time for support staff to get back to you.

Minecraft Account Migrated Can’t Log In: Reasons


After the migration process finishes, Minecraft players must log in using their Microsoft account. If you use the Mojang account instead, it’s no surprise that you have a hard time logging in. Additionally,  if you have more than one Microsoft account, there may have been a mix-up. Keep in mind that Minecraft only recognizes the Microsoft account that you use for the migration.


All in all, if the migration process is incomplete, Minecraft account migrated can’t log in is one of the consequences. Needless to say, unless you take action, you cannot play Minecraft. On the bright side, you don’t have to do much to determine the stage of migration and complete the process if necessary.

Other Questions About Minecraft Account Migration

What will happen to my Mojang account after migration?

The Mojang account itself will become obsolete. As soon as the migration wraps up, you only need to use the Microsoft account for all things Minecraft-related from here on out.

Why is it necessary to migrate our Mojang accounts into Microsoft accounts?

The main reason given by Mojang is that it is for increased security. By migrating to Microsoft, you could secure more safety features for your account such as two-factor authentication. Furthermore, they have stated their intention to roll out more safety features over time.

Can I use one Microsoft account for multiple Mojang accounts?

No, it is not possible to link multiple Mojang accounts into one Microsoft account. If you wish to migrate multiple Mojang accounts, use a unique Microsoft account for each of them.

How come I keep getting the message saying “This one is taken” during migration? 

“This one is taken” message usually appears when the Microsoft account you are trying to migrate to is already linked to a Mojang account. To dismiss the message, you need to use another Microsoft account.

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