SOVLED! Intel i7 9700K vs AMD Ryzen 7 3700X: Which one should you buy?

There are multiple similarities between the Intel i7 9700K and Ryzen7 3700X. Both of them come with 8 physical cores. However, the 3700X has 16 threads while 9700K has 8 threads. Another similarity is the same base frequency of both i.e 3.6 GHz.

But, as we all know that AMD is known for its best price to performance ratio, the 3700X performs way better than the 3700X. First of all, it is a 7nm based CPU while the 9700K is based on 14nm architecture.

If we compare the performance, they both are going to be offering almost similar results. However, the price difference between them is huge.

So, in my point of view, choosing the best one as a normal user between these both CPUs is going to be pretty easy. However, there are various reasons to choose Intel over AMD and vice-versa. I will come to that later in this article. Now, let’s get started.

Theoretical Specifications (Comparison)

First of all, we are going to compare the key specifications of both these CPUs. Some people would be able to pick the right CPU just from here. But, for others, I have more things ahead in this article.

SpecificationRyzen 7 3700XIntel i7 9700K
CPU GenerationZen 2 (3rd Generation)9th Generation
Base Clock/Boost Clock3.6/4.4 GHz3.6/4.9 GHz
Cache (L3)32MB12MB
PCIe VersionPCIe 4.0 x16PCIe 3.0
Memory SupportDDR4 (up to 3200 MHz)DDR4 (up to 2666 MHz)
Cooling SolutionWraith Prism with LEDNo boxed Cooler
or heatsink
Integrated Graphics CardNoIntel® UHD Graphics 630
(64 GB)
TDP (Thermal Design Power)65W95W

The simple conclusion of this table is that the Intel i7 9700K is way behind 3700X when it comes to the key features. It lacks the support of PCIe 4.0 and has slow memory support. The boost clock speed is 500 MHz higher than the 3700X but that doesn’t make such a difference. Another advantage of 9700K is that it offers you integrated graphics which can be used to play most games in low or medium settings.

Synthetic Benchmark Scores (Comparison)

These benchmark scores are based on the results available on CPUBenchmark website. The higher the score, the better the performance.

ParameterRyzen 7 3700XIntel i7 9700K
CPU Mark Scorec2271614550
Single-Core Score12531280
Multi-Core Score (Geekbench)84067183
Single-Thread Rating26802899

As we all know, Intel is always known for its single-core and single-thread performance which is beating the Ryzen 3700X. But, when it comes to the overall performance, the 9700K is surprisingly way beyond the 3700X.

Even, though the single-core performance is not that much higher than the 3700X. So, clearly, the 3700X is a big winner here in synthetic benchmark scores.

Which one is good for gaming?

We all know that single-core performance is still the key thing that determines gaming performance. Some games are making use of multiple cores as well, not fully.

So, here are two main points I would like to discuss.

First of all, if you want to pair a graphics card into your system, you will probably never use the integrated graphics of the 9700K. So, you should not go for the 9700K in this case. The integrated graphics in 9700K are good enough to play most of the games as we discussed earlier. But, you can’t enjoy very high FPS or increase the quality above high in most cases.

The 3700X is a versatile pick if you are going to use an external graphics card. Especially if your work includes multitasking, this CPU is a perfect option for both. For content creators and programmers as well, more threads are always better.

So, definitely, the i7 9700K is good for gaming but note that you will have numerous other advantages with the 3700X.

If you want a CPU specifically for gaming, I would recommend you watch this YouTube video. It is basically a gaming benchmark comparison video for both our CPUs.

Which one is good for productivity? 3700X or 9700K

Definitely, the Ryzen 7 3700X is the best one when it comes to productivity. The reason is obvious. It has more number of threads to handle multiple tasks effectively. As compared to the 9700K, the 3700X is going to give you better results for tasks like video editing, photo editing, programming, development, graphics design, animation, etc.


The Ryzen 7 3700X comes with Ryzen’s own Wraith Prism CPU cooler (with RGB). Because this CPU has a TDP of just 65W, Wraith Prism is more than enough to keep your CPU temperatures under limits. You may have to think about upgrading if you are overclocking it. Otherwise, you will not have to think much about the cooling for 3700X.

The Intel i7 9700K comes without any boxed CPU cooler. So, you will have to buy a cooler along with it. You can one for yourself right here. Because the 9700K comes with a 95W TDP, you may have to think about a dual-fan tower cooler if you are planning to overclock. A 120mm or 240mm AIO will also be a good thing to keep all the worries away.


Surprisingly, the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X is way cheaper than the i7 9700K. The difference is around 200$. So, there is a good chance you will pick the 3700X if you are under a tight budget. However, the prices keep changing so you should keep an eye on both.

Final Verdict

In my opinion, the Ryzen 7 3700X is the best CPU to choose between these both. It is comparatively cheaper, feature-packed, and has better performance.

There is a fair reason to buy the i7 9700K as well. When you do not want to buy a dedicated graphics card or you never play games, you are good to keep the 9700K.

The single-core performance is better in the 9700K while the multi-core performance is better in the 3700X. The integrated graphics card with the 9700K is perhaps the only other advantage with the 9700K.

Please let me know in the comments what you think about it.