SOVLED! How to use a gaming laptop on bed?

We might prefer to use our gaming laptop in bed for many reasons; either it is our favorite spot, or we seek to unwind after a long day of work. The main issue with using the gaming laptop in bed is overheating. The main reason is that the device sinks into the mattress. The foam material blocks the air vents, thus, causing the laptop to heat up beyond regular capacity. 

Placing the gaming laptop on a hard, uniformed surface is a good idea. The reason is, that the ‘tiny feet’ beneath the laptop allow uniformed airflow to happen. As a result, the device will not overheat and malfunction. 

The goal should be to have a proper room for air ventilation from below especially if your laptop sucks the cool air from the bottom. However, if you have a laptop with a fanless cooling system, you don’t have to worry much. But, still, the fabric is a poor thermal conductivity material and can make your laptop heat up more than required. So, it is best not to keep any laptop on a bedsheet, mattress, pillow, or other cloth materials.

There are some practical ways to make proper use of any laptop while you are sitting or lying on your bed. Let’s discuss them below.

Now that we know that soft surfaces can harm the gaming laptop; we need to place it on a sturdy surface. Until you can buy a lap desk, keep the laptop on a firm book or magazine. Lap desks are brilliant since they prevent your laptop from overheating and accidentally falling off the bed.

They offer versatility; not only are they perfect for hours of gaming, but they are also worth considering even if you enjoy writing or eating your food in bed.

While this is not the best option, it does the job! Why not make use of the fact that we all have a nightstand next to our beds? If you are in a hurry to log in and join the game tournament, then consider relocating your nightstand.

Place the nightstand in a position comfortable for you if you intend to game for a long time. This way, you will not add unnecessary pressure on your spine and neck.

Laptops are excellent, but using them outside of a desk situation may be difficult. For example, when you use a laptop on your lap, you constantly look down, which strains your neck. In addition, the keyboard will be too high and create strain on your wrists if you bring the laptop to eye level.

Using a laptop on the sofa or in bed is hazardous for your spine in almost every situation since it can harm your posture. Therefore, we highly recommend a laptop bed stand.

The stand’s versatility allows you to secure your wrists by tilting the base of your laptop and angling the screen. This way, do not have to glance down while still comfortably using the device. In addition, laptop bed stands help reduce bodily discomfort caused by poor posture.

Bedstands for laptops are beneficial as it allows you to experiment with different positions and angles to find the angle that causes minimal strain for you.

Depending on the make of the gaming laptop, it will heat up more or less. Many factors contribute to the laptop’s healing process: 

  1. The environment it is being used in.
  2. What software is running at the moment?

Consider purchasing a laptop cooling pad if you live in a warm environment and use your laptop for heavy purposes. If you live in a cooler environment, then it is not a problem. However, if you live in a  hot environment with soaring temperatures, then you definitely require a cooling pad. 

Apart from providing you with a sturdy surface, these cooling pads are also equipped with fans that keep your laptop constantly cool. Cooling pads are essential if you run heavy software and games on the device to prevent it from overheating and malfunctioning.

Do note, that just using a cooling pad may not be enough as it provides ventilation through holes beneath the pad. If you place it on the bed, those vents will get blocked. We suggest using a combination of a laptop stand and a cooling pad to achieve the best results.

If the previously mentioned ideas do not work for you, connecting the laptop to the TV will be your last resort. You may connect the laptop to the TV through Bluetooth or an HDMI cable. 

However, if the TV is located far away, you may face difficulties identifying small text. This might also be an expensive affair since you will have to purchase more hardware, such as a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse.

Does a cooling pad boost FPS?

No, employing a cooling pad will not boost performance.

Does laptop fan stands actually work?

Laptop stands are effective in lowering heat. Lower temperatures also translate to improved performance and less throttling. They boost performance without requiring you to take apart your laptop and lose the warranty.

How do you operate a gaming laptop on the bed?

Placing your laptop on a firm, solid surface is the best method to utilise it in bed.

What temperature is too high for a laptop?

Temperatures up to 70C (158F) are manageable. Depending on the model, your CPU and GPU will often begin throttling themselves between 90-105C (194-221F)

What should I place beneath my laptop?

If you cannot buy or locate a cooling pad, but something hard beneath your laptop instead of anything soft. For example, to offer a sturdy, level surface for adequate airflow, use a plastic shell, a lap desk, a tray table, or even a wooden cutting board.


As long the air intake of your laptop’s cooling fan is getting fresh air, you can use it on your bed. If it is a fanless laptop like Macbook Air, you don’t have to worry much about the position of your laptop. However, if active cooling is there, make sure the air intake is not blocked by anything for longer periods of time.