SOVLED! Does a mechanical keyboard improve gaming performance?

It’s a no-brainer that PC gaming has become one of the most lucrative hobbies of this new generation. As a result, this has greatly increased the significance of primary peripherals used in this space. The necessity to choose the right hardware is crucial if you are a serious gamer. In case you’re into competitive gaming, then, yes, investing in a robust mechanical keyboard can help you achieve a great pace and control in the game. 

Now, the question, which one to choose? With hundreds of options to choose from, picking one can be rather daunting. Anyone can say that a mechanical keyboard is a wise investment for a better gaming experience. However, only a piece of detailed information on mechanical keyboards can help you to understand the difference and choose the best option. 

With that aside, now let’s see how a mechanical keyboard can aid you in improving gaming performance. Let’s dig in…..

1. The Durability Of Mechanical Keyboards

Competitive gaming puts a lot of stress on the different peripherals of your PC. So, we highly recommend you to at least use a more durable mechanical keyboard. The reason is, that mechanical keyboards can be of great help as these are highly robust and built for aggressive key smashing (you know what we’re talking about). Also, they have got the keycap, stem, and housing. 

In case you wanted to know, keycaps are the covers of those independent switches. It helps gamers like you to feel the satisfaction of keypresses with a ‘click’ sound. With, missing out on a keypress while playing games is almost impossible. 

A mechanical keyboard works with the help of a spring system, which makes it more durable. For the record, it can sustain up to a whopping 50 million presses before it shows any sign of breakdown. Most importantly, the tactility of the keyboard is also a crucial functionality that aids you in performing quicker keypresses.

2. The Fast Responsiveness

If you’ve used normal keyboards that aren’t mechanical, you know the problem of not being able to register your keypresses. However, in mechanical keyboards, the situation is a tad bit different. Even if you miss out on pressing a key fully, the best part is it will somehow recognize your keypress. 

As a result, it ensures that your in-game experience is not disrupted. It is possible because the actuation point of the mechanical keyboards is lesser compared to normal keyboards. Owing to this, mechanical keyboards take lesser time to register key presses. 

3. Keys Can Be Programmed

The mechanical keyboards have more interesting features than we can expect. It helps you program a set of keys for different shortcuts and specific purposes. 

Suppose, in the game, you use a specific set of keys more than the others, then it gives you the chance to assign commands and set them into programmable keys. It will help you greatly in fast-paced games quicker reaction times are necessary to beat your opponents. However, you need to make sure that you are picking a mechanical keyboard that has the  programmable keys capability.

4. Customizable

If you are using a mechanical keyboard, then you can surely make it more interesting with its customizable capabilities. You can even customize the different programmable keys as per your preference. You may use the RGB to illuminate the particular key you use more frequently, which would help you in distinguishing the keys faster. 

5. Experience of Using N-Key Rollover

It happens to us sometimes that we need to press two keys at the same time. Now, this is where things can be a tad dodgy. In most cases, one keypress is usually registered and the other is missed, which takes a lot more time as we need to do the typing again. However, the mechanical keyboards are here with an interesting feature. It can help to register a few keys at the same time without slipping any. This, we can call the N-Key Rollover feature in the mechanical keyboards. 

Say, you are playing a very competitive game, and you need to press more than one key at the same time to make a special move against your opponent. In normal keyboards, it’s a hit-or-miss scenario. You either make that last desperate move to defeat your enemy or get butchered at an instant. To avoid this disaster, replace your normal keyboard with a mechanical one- and you can thank us later!

6. Maintenance of the Mechanical Keyboard

With the plastic caps to the rescue, maintaining your mechanical keyboard is much easier than the membrane counterparts, which are made of a rubber dome. Plastics are normally easy to clean and maintain. Mechanical keyboards also have a longer lifespan, which reduces the need to change them often for gamers. 

A few of them also come with the water-resistant feature, which to be honest, helps us a lot. It is perfect for gamers like us who get lost in the in-game immersiveness that we tend to spill our coke, like a lot!

The answer to this question is quite simple, if you have a good budget and can afford to buy a mechanical keyboard, it can work the best for you. They have a longer lifespan than the membrane keyboards and are faster and easier to use in a competitive game.

In a mechanical keyboard, the chances are second to none to miss out on a keypress. If you have a competitive gaming mindset, this is probably the best bank for your gaming buck! 

With that said, it has a few cons too, such as the keys being heavier and the keypresses noises being louder than the rubber dome keyboards. But, say if we can accept these negative sides, mechanical keyboards are the best options for all your PC/laptop gaming purposes.

Wrapping Up

It’s a no-brainer that keyboards are an integral part of the gaming sessions. So, using the right keyboard can help you experience pretty satisfying gaming sessions. 

Owing to that, a mechanical keyboard is your answer. As discussed, it is now safe to conclude that YES, mechanical keyboards improve gaming performance by a long shot! Not only that there are 101 other reasons to choose mechanical keyboards if you have a decent budget. It helps you take the competing gaming experience to a next level. So, what’re you waiting for? Grab one today!