SOVLED! Intel Core i5 10400F vs i5 11400F: Which One to Choose and Why?

I know it’s pretty hard to choose between the 10400F and 11400F. At the same time, it is really easy to make a decision if you have a little context about their applications. I am here to clear up all your confusion.

There is a little price difference between them both. But, when it comes to the specifications, the 11400F is clearly a winner with its updated architecture. It has a higher operating frequency. Also, 11400F has support for faster memory along with PCIe 4.0. It beats the 10400F in various other things. We are going to cover everything in this comparison article below.

i5 11400F is clearly a good pick for more hardcore users while the 10400F is suitable for normal users. But, it is easy to afford the 11400F by adding a very small amount to your budget. Let’s see which one should you pick and make a perfect decision as per your needs.

Theoretical Specifications Comparison

SpecificationIntel Core i5 10400FIntel Core i5 11400F
CPU Generation10th generation Core11th Generation core
Max Turbo Frequency4.30 GHz4.40 GHz
Base Frequency2.60 GHz2.60 GHz
Cache12MB Intel Smart Cache12MB Intel Smart Cache
PCIe VersionPCIe 3.0PCIe 4.0
Memory SupportDDR4 (2666)DDR4 (3200)
Boxed Cooling SolutionIncludedNo
Integrated Graphics CardNoNo
Maximum Temperature100°C100°C

Intel Core i5 11400F is clearly a winner here when we talk about the key specifications. The main advantage of the 11400F is its faster memory support and PCIe 4.0. Let’s see how well this impacts the benchmark scores below.

Benchmark Scores Comparison

Now, let’s compare the Passmark and Geekbench scores and see which CPU has the best offerings in both single-core and multi-core operations.

ParameterIntel Core i5 10400FIntel Core i5 11400F
CPU Mark Score (2.90/2.60GHz)12,41517,191
Single-Core Score (Geekbench)1,1071,451
Multi-Core Score (GeekBench)5,7196,846
Single-Thread Rating (PassMark)2,5713,021

You can see that the i5 11400F is clear between the both. Both single-core and multi-core performance scores are higher with the 11400F. So, you can surely expect good performance results from the 11400F as compared to the 10400F.

Cinebench Scores Comparison

Cinebench BenchmarkIntel Core i5 10400FIntel Core i5 11400F
Cinebench R23 (Single Core)1,1201,398
Cinebench R23 (Multi Core)8,16410,186
Cinebench R20 (Single Core)450529
Cinebench R20 (Multi Core)3,1973,888
Cinebench R15(Single Core)190216
Cinebench R15 (Multi Core)1,3401,598

Again, the 11400F is winning the game when it comes to the Cinebench scores. So, I can again say that the 11400F is going to give you better results in terms of performance.

Price Difference

As we discussed earlier, there is a price difference of around 20 to 30 bucks between the both. You can say this amount by picking a little weaker CPU i.e. 10400F. However, if you pick the 11400F, you may spend more but you get a lot more performance for sure.

Which one is good for gaming? 10400F or i5 11400F

Definitely, the Core i5 11400F is a better CPU here because of its good single-core and multi-core performance. In terms of gaming performance, the 10400F can never beat the 11400F. However, if you have a very tight budget, you can still play games using 11400F. You will see very little performance difference if you are opting for a good graphics card.

Talking about the graphics card, you will have to pick a graphics card with both of them in order to play games. These both don’t come with integrated graphics. So, the gaming performance will actually depend on the kind of graphics card you are combining with it.

For 10400F, it is good to stay below RTX 3070. RTX 3060 and RTX 3060 Ti will be good picks for gaming. However, with 11400F, you can get great performance with 3080 as well. See this Gaming benchmark comparison video to see the gaming performance of both.

Which one is good for productivity? 10400F or i5 11400F

Definitely, the 11400F will be capable of offering good multitasking performance. However, the 10400F will not let you down. Basically, the selection will depend on your requirements. With both of these CPUs, you can easily build systems for video editing, programming, gaming, photo editing, graphics designing, etc. However, if you have to pick the best in terms of performance, 11400F is better.

Because it will allow you to install faster RAM and more powerful expansion cards (PCIe 4.0), the 11400F becomes a good option for powerful productivity builds.

Chipset Compatibility

Both the CPUs come with the LGA1200 socket.

For Intel Core i5 10400F, going for Q570, Z590, H570, H510, B560, Q470, and Z490 chipsets will be a good option. There are various other options available for you. Check all the 10400F-supported motherboards here.

For Intel Core i5 11400F, only 500 series motherboards are compatible. So, you can choose between Q570, Z590, H570, H510, B560, and W580 chipsets will be good. You can check all the 11400F-supported motherboards here.

Memory Difference

The memory specifications of the Intel Core i5-10400F and the Intel Core i5-11400F are quite similar, but there are a few key differences to note. Both processors support a maximum of 128GB of memory and have 2 memory channels. However, the i5-11400F supports faster DDR4-3200 memory, while the i5-10400F supports DDR4-2666 memory. Additionally, the i5-11400F has a higher maximum memory bandwidth at 50 GB/s, compared to the i5-10400F’s 41.6 GB/s. Neither of the processors support ECC memory.

Here is a table summarizing the memory specifications comparison:

Max Memory Size128 GB128 GB
Memory TypesDDR4-2666DDR4-3200
Max # of Memory Channels22
Max Memory Bandwidth41.6 GB/s50 GB/s
ECC Memory SupportedNoNo

As you can see, both processors have similar memory specifications, but the faster memory type and higher memory bandwidth of the i5-11400F may result in slightly better performance.

Final Verdict

It is good to buy Core i5 11400F instead of 10400F if performance is your priority. However, you can save some money by choosing 10400F over 11400F. But, in my opinion, this money is totally worth it. So, pick the 11400F.

Let me know what you think about this article.